Elements of Memory Ebook

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A good memory is yours for the making. But you must make it. We can point the way.

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Discover Timeless Techniques To Improve your Memory

Memory is something we don’t think about.  A failing memory negatively impact our lives.   It starts with misplacing your keys, forgetting where you parked your car, and then forgetting people’s names you’ve just been introduced to moments earlier.

If you aspire to strengthen your memory, look no further. This eBook will cover timeless techniques from the early nineteenth century to enable you to improve your memory that still works, even today.

MEMORY can be considered your brain’s ability to store, retain, and subsequently recall information.   You may know of people who you consider to have an excellent memory and you may be slightly envious. We’ll look at certain mental principles and processes, namely, those of Retention, Association and Recall.

Incidentally, as with any information, it contains some facts and instructions of immediate practical utility.  But primarily it is intended to help prepare your mind to understand a scientific system for success-achievement. You may be aware of the sensory perceptive and judicial processes by which your mind acquires its knowledge of the outside world.

This eBook will touch on the phenomenon of memory, the instrument by which your mind retains and makes use of its knowledge, the agency that has power to resurrect the buried past or power to enfold us in a Paradise of dreams more perfect than reality.

Table Of Contents

Preface. 4

Chapter 1 – The Elements Of Memory. 5

Chapter 2 – The Mental Treasure Vault And Its Lost Combination  6

What Everyone Thinks  6

Causes of Forgetfulness  6

Seeing with “Half an Eye”  6

The Man on Broadway  7

Waxen Tablets  8

Not How, but How Much   8

Remembering the Unperceived  9

Speaking a Forgotten Tongue  10

Living Past Experiences Over Again   11

The “Flash of Inspiration”  12

The Totality of Retention   12

Possibilities of Self-Discovery  13

“Acres of Diamonds”  14

Chapter 3 – The Mechanism Of Recall 15

The Right Stimulus  15

“Complexes” of Experience  15

The Thrill of Recollection   16

“Complexes” and Functional Derangements  16

Automatically Working Mental Mechanisms  16

Two Classes of “Complexes”  17

Chapter 4 – The Laws Of Recall 19

What Ordinary “Thinking” Amounts to  19

The Reverse of Complex Formation   20

Prolixity and Terseness  20

The Law of Contiguity  20

Laws of Habit and Intensity  21

Applications to Advertising  21

Effect of Repetitions  22

Ratio of Size to Value  23

Chapter 5 – The Science of Forgetting. 24

The Skilled Artisan   24

How the Attention Works  24

Iron Filings and Mental Magnets  25

The Compartment of Subconscious Forgetfulness  25

Making Experience Count  26

How Habits Are Formed  26

Chapter 6 – The Fallacy Of Most Memory Systems. 28

Practice in Memorizing Inadequate  28

Torture of the Drill 28

Real Cause of Failing Memory  29

The Manufactured Interest  30

Memory Lure of a Desire  30

Chapter 7 – A Scientific Memory System For Business Success. 31

“Cramming” and “Willing”  31

Basic Principle of Thought-Reproduction   31

Methods of Pick  32

Scientific Pedagogy  32

How to Remember Names  33

Five Exercises for Developing Observation   34

Invention and Thought-Memory  35

How to Compel Recollection   37

Formation of Correct Memory Habits  37

NOW! 38

Persistence, Accuracy, Dispatch   38

Memory Signs and Tokens  39

The Mental Combination Revealed  39

A good memory is yours for the making. But you must make it. We can point the way.  You must act. The laws of Association and Recall are the combination that will unlock the treasure-vaults of memory. Apply these laws, and the riches of experience will be available to you in every need.