FAQ – Information

What payment options do you offer?

Currently we only offer payment through Pay Pal. While it may not be perfect for every one in every country, it’s been the best solution we’ve found. The most reliable and the safest for our customers.

NOTE: A pay pal account is NOT a requirement to purchase from our store. When you check out on our store, you will be sent to the Pay Pal Login screen. You can either log into your Pay Pal account or right below the login boxes should be a link to pay without a Pay Pal account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All payment details are done on the Pay Pal website. This website does NOT store any of your financial details what so ever.


How do I get what I ordered?

Everything purchased from the our store is downloaded from your customer account. When a purchased is completed, after submitting payment on Pay Pal, you will automatically returned back to our store, to your account page. On your account page, or the “My Account” page, it will list your order and provide download links.

If for some reason this does not happen, or the browser window is closed or the process stopped, you can of course log into your account at any time to download as well.

NOTE: All download link automatically expire after 7 days, to protect the product downloads. If your order is older than 7 days and you need to download again, please contact us.


My Computer Crashed, or I lost my downloaded file, what do I do?

All products are set to be downloaded 4 times, in case you have trouble, so if your order was placed within the last 6 days you can simply download again. If your order is older than 7 days, please contact us by clicking the Red Support link at the bottom right of any page on our site.


Why is there 4 downloads available for each product I ordered?

Since we sell digital products, each only needs to be downloaded one time each. Downloading a product more than once will only get your the same file each time.

But things happen… so we set up the products so they can be downloaded more than once. Maybe you lose your internet connection, you’re not sure where the downloaded file went on your computer, those are just some of the reason’s each product is set for 4 downloads. For “Just in case”, or a backup.

After 4 downloads, the link will automatically expire. You’ll need to contact us if you need it reset


Do you accept submissions?

Sorry, at this time we do not accept product submissions.


Can I sell my products on your store?

Sorry, at this time we are not set up to sell products for other people.


Who is behind the store?

Are you REALLY sure you want to know? There is no going back. Only if you are sure, the details are here: About